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    1 An Overview Of The Inventory Management Models: The Classification Is Based On The Methods Used To Achieve An Optimal Management Of The Parameters

    Author: Sandeep Kumar,(Pages:1-18)
    Email: drsk79@gmail.com          DOI: N/A


    Inventory management is a main topic of discussion in the industry, equipment, and operational research for more many years. A range of modern computational methods that can be used for solving the inventory management problems, so it is highly interdisciplinary and draws together researchers from different scientific disciplines. This fact allows us to be a daunting task, to be combined into one contract, with a wide range of literature relating to the theory of supply chain management. In the light of this article, the focus is on the development of the management of the inventory of the models, considering the method that will serve as the basis for the determination of the optimal control parameters. For such techniques, analytical approaches, dynamic programming, optimal control theory, meta model-related optimization and simulation-based optimization.


    the evolution of management of the stock, and the classification of inventory models, the optimal management of settings-an overview


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